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Fairfax Dinner - Get Your RSVP's In!


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Fairfax Financial Shareholder's Dinner


When we first started our annual dinner in 2006, we had nine people attend and Francis Chou was our lone representative from Fairfax.  The following year, we had about 17 people and Francis brought Sam Mitchell as well.  The third dinner in 2008, we had about 28 or 29 people and our guests were Sam and Francis again.  The fourth dinner in 2009 had about 38 attendees and Fairfax surprised us by sending Sam Mitchell, Wayne Cadwallader and Brian Bradstreet...of course Francis was also there...he never lets us down!


This year's dinner will have well over 50 attendees...probably close to 60!  Don't worry, we have a mic and speaker system set up this year!   ;D  It's an amazing opportunity to ask questions and listen to answers from some of the best investors in North America, as well as meet with fellow Fairfax shareholders and "Corner of Berkshire & Fairfax" board members.  


We will also have a raffle with various prizes, including Fairfax memorabilia and books signed by Prem, and other prizes donated by Corner Market Capital.  All proceeds, along with the $5 admission (and matching contribution by Corner Market Capital) will go to the Crohn's Colitis Foundation of Canada, in honor of Jo Ann Butler.


With two weeks to go, if you haven't RSVP'ed me, please do so.  See you all there!  



Joe Badali's

156 Front Street West

Toronto, Ontario


Drinks:  6:30pm

Dinner:  7:00pm

Q & A:  8:00pm-9:30pm


RSVP:  sanjeevparsad@shaw.ca


Admission:  $5/head with all proceeds going to the "Crohn's Colitis Foundation of Canada" in memory of Jo Ann Butler (Corner Market Capital Corporation will match all admissions).


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