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Air Wars: The Global Combat Between Airbus and Boeing - Scott Hamilton


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Air Wars: The Global Combat Between Airbus and Boeing: Hamilton, Scott: 9781737640509: Books - Amazon.ca


Fantastic read on the duel between Airbus, Boeing and everything in between. The book covers the career of John Leahy. A New Yorker who became the top salesman at Airbus and led its sales growth as EADS itself was being transformed from an amalgamation of various European entities to a global aircraft manufacturer name Airbus. 


It covers the 90s through the Covid period; most of which I am very familiar with, but the real nugget is all the interviews that the author did with other market participant and ex-executives who were sought for comments. I think this was a great read and worthy successor to John Newhouse' work from 10+ years ago.


Boeing Versus Airbus: The Inside Story of the Greatest International Competition in Business: Newhouse, John: 9781400043361: Books - Amazon.ca

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