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Hi Daniel,


Just wondering if you could do me a favor.  I've been receiving emails from friends and other SNS shareholders who have noticed the huge amount of garbage being spewed on the Yahoo SNS board about me.  I have no idea who SNS Supertramp is, nor do I want anything to do with that person.  I have nothing to do with Steak'n Shake other than as a shareholder.  I run a very small fund in the U.S. and one in Canada, as well as this message board.  


I noticed that you use this board and that one.  Could you please exclude me from any discussion you have with some of the people on there.  I would hope you could do that as a member of this board.  I wouldn't have asked, but I noticed that you are including me in some of your posts as well, and I thought I would just set the record straight.  


You've written a book on Berkshire, and as a word of advice as a fellow boardmember, you are probably better off not interacting with many of the nutjobs on that message board.  I don't know any of the other people on there, other than Randall Tidd (Tiddman) who posts on there on occasion, so I thought I would ask you.  Thanks very much!  



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Thanks Twa!  But it's really the group of people we have on here that makes it.  You take a look at that post by "collegeinvestor" and see how helpful people are, and you know we have a good, polite group of boardmembers.  Cheers!

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Dear Sanj,


may I take a moment to say how blessed we are to have you as the administrator of our board.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your evenhandedness that has given us the best investing

forum on the Internet.

I too believe that what Sanjeev is doing here is very important.


I owe a great debt to you all, I have learned much and look forward to continuing to do so.


I agree with you 200%

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