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NY Times Op Ed - Mainstreaming some backstream Finance Reform Issues


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Frank Rich on a novel published the day of Lehman's collapse: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" 


“A bank director who blows millions on foolhardy speculations should not keep his job,” writes Larsson in one typical passage. “A managing director who plays shell company games should do time.” Larsson is no less lacerating about influential journalists who treat “mediocre financial whelps like rock stars” and who docilely “regurgitate the statements issued by C.E.O.’s and stock-market speculators.” He pleads for some “tough reporter” to “identify and expose as traitors” the financial players who have “systematically and perhaps deliberately” damaged their country’s economy “to satisfy the profit interests of their clients.”


He goes on to talk about the recent Lehman report, the SEC, Mad Money, and other topics long noted on this forum.  Prescient novel and insightful commentary.  Hopefully the upcoming financial reform legislation will have vigorous exposure, debate, and result in significant reform.

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