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Dedicated Discussion Threads for General, Fairfax, Berkshire

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This is both a test of the poll function as well as a legitimate question.


One of the things I liked about the old board was that it was one stop shopping. Fairfax, Berkshire, and other value investing posts. The board is not a high volume board so it was always easy to get an update at a glance which I value given time constraints.


By splitting up the discussion threads into Fairfax, Berkshire, and General I will be forced to surf to 3 sites instead of one which I'm not likely to do. So I'll end up missing alot.


Just a thought. Interested in others perspective.



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As I learn more about the features of this board the current breakdown of the threads may not be an issue. Given our relatively low volume you can see all posts on the home page as "Recent Posts".


And there is a great feature at the welcome block at the top where I can view all new posts since my last visit. This groups the posts regardless of which thread they were posted under.


Very cool.

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Hi guys,


Keep the poll going for a while and then I'll decide based on the outcome.  I originally did not want seperate threads, but there were a few people who wanted them, so I figured just four would meet somewhere in the middle.  But if the votes for one significantly outweigh the other, then I'll go with the majority.  Cheers!

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