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On the eve of Buffett's 92nd birthday (08/31)

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Thanks for the link.  Good read.  In 2015 I went to the 50 year shareholder meeting in Omaha and made the short drive up to his modest house to take a picture there with my wife.  The humility of acknowledging that he won the ovarian lottery, rather than diminishing his achievements, only makes him a greater human in my eyes.  I learned from him to approach my own successes in a similar way, attributing much to good fortune.  


When I was a teen, I memorized a bunch of old proverbs, like, "A man all wrapped up in himself makes a small package" and "A pig with a golden collar is still a pig" ... if I could wish for an investing superpower, it would be the ability to measure the humility and honesty of  executive teams.  I've lost too much money buying shares of companies that were cheap but turned out to be run by Gucci little piggies.

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