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Fairfax 2009 Proxy Circular


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"Timothy R. Price, 67, is a new nominee for election to our Board of Directors.

Mr. Price has been the Chairman of Brookfield Funds, Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

since 1997 and was Chairman, Brookfield Financial Corporation until December 2004.

Mr. Price is a director of Brookfield Homes Corporation, HSBC Bank Canada and

Canadian Tire Corporation, and serves on the audit committees of HSBC and Canadian

Tire. Mr. Price is the Lead Director of Astral Media Inc. and on the Audit and

Compensation Committees of Astral. He also serves on the Board of Governors of York

University, the St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation Board and the Dean’s Advisory Board at

the Schulich School of Business. Mr. Price is a resident of Toronto, Ontario, Canada."


Anyone can immediately respect the quality of that.

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