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What was your worst mistrade?


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When I got my race spinned off shares from Fiat, I sold it after a mere 10% gain and used the proceeds to add to FCAU. Should’ve done the opposite.


Another error was that I was heavily invested in TSCO in 2020, but I sold it after many of my chickens got stolen by raccoons and my wife and I are tired of raising chickens. 😂 


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42 minutes ago, Gregmal said:

If you are consistently missing big returns because you are selling good stuff so you can go to cash...well thats dumb and makes no sense. 

Yes, guilty. But more of a thing in my past not so much now. 


43 minutes ago, Gregmal said:

So to hang your head because "At one point in time" you owned something that went bonkers IMO isnt keeping yourself in the right mental place.

Bingo. But logically understanding that and actually living it or adjusting one's thinking is the hard part. 


For me personally, I take some solace in the fact that I attempt to learn from my mistakes with a careful awareness not to bring any new erroneous biases or mental hangups into my thinking.   Simplistic example. person gets burned investing in tech/growth stocks in 2000, swears off from tech forever. That was the wrong takeaway.

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