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Buyback Information?

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Would anyone possibly have the complete list of all Berkshire buybacks?  I realize I can pull this manually from the Q - but it takes time.  I'm looking for: Date, Price, Buyback Price, Share Class type etc.  I've seen imagines of the cumulative amount etc - but looking for the raw data.  Thanks a lot!!

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I'm not sure where an up to date spreadsheet-style list exists at the moment.  A bloomberg terminal might be able to spit one out.  You can save yourself some time by using the spreadsheet graphic in this article to capture the older data (up to 2019) and then just update the data manually yourself for the last couple years.




I don't have a file with the prices paid but here are the last few quarters of dollar-amount repurchases and a TTM figure.  The trailing figure will almost certainly decline unless Warren is willing to resume $9+ Billion per quarter of repurchases.  ( the other figures in this screenshot are Float, Float growth for the Q, and trailing 4 quarters float growth )


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4 minutes ago, dcollon said:



Those figures don't look correct.  What is the source?


For instance, the figure for Q3 2020 should be $9 Billion.


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