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Hello everyone,


I just signed up and I want to introduce myself through my blog.


I'm working on a blog that summarizes the basic concepts of investing.


First It's a tool useful for myself to organize my thoughts.

Second, I hope it could be useful for any beginner who wants an answer to the basic questions.


I'm focused on compounders with MOAT outside the financial/pharma sectors.


The first articles were simple and represent my evolution in the understanding of value investing.

Outside the mere money, it's a beautiful journey full of knowledge, battles and heroes.

For that reason I often use quotes by great investors.


I'm striving to be open-minded, indeed I'm digging the world of decentralized apps/data/governance and digital scarcity, not the main topic of the blog but whenever I find something interesting I will share strange articles on unusual topics.


Why do I want to share my thoughts?

Because investing isn't rocket science but in some sense is an art, there is space for discussions and critical thinking.

It's free and I don't monetize anything, I only hope it could be useful and maybe I spot some logical errors in my thinking thanks to your comments and critics.


Last article


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