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Recommendations for "Best Watch List"?


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Is there a killer app in the "Watch List" category?


I've heard investors say they build a list of all the companies that meet their criteria which they'd be happy to own at the right price.  I'd love to do the same thing, but I'm doing too much of the tracking in my head.


Here are things I wish I had:


* I want to know when insiders are buying or selling companies in my watch list, like in an emailed report

* Notifications of significant price or volume movements (gurufocus.com watch list currently satisfies)

* Simulated "Morning Newspaper" view of recent news stories about any of my companies

* Notifications of buys/sells by 13F "Super Investors" like the list of folks on dataroma.com

* Notifications of dilution / buy backs.



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The best I've found in the last couple days has been stockrover.com -- in addition to some strong screener functionality, you can make watch lists and then see all kinds of comparable columns for the companies in the list - you can also chart all the stocks in a watchlist as a group.  I really like being able to move columns around and sort by things like "5 year Price/Sales range" as in this screenshot.




Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 12.25.06 PM.png

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As far as I can tell, it still doesn't really have the "alerting" type stuff I want -- the GuruFocus watch list will email when the price of something in the watch list changes by 5% or more in a day, or if trading is more than double the 30-day average volume.  I'd love to see notifications of insider buys/sells, as well as buys/sells from 13F reports.

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