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BRK- 13 F


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I am surprised no one posted Berkshire's 13F as of yet... I am honestly shocked Mr Buffett sold such a large amount of JNJ!!!  Is he trying to build his cash for a ratings upgrade?


WFC - add 2.15%

PG - reduced 9.15%

WMT - add 3.17%

COP - reduce 34.34%

JNJ - reduce 26.5%

MCO - reduce 18.88%

RSG - add 128.7%





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Here are my back-of-the-envelope estimates, though I haven't yet double-checked them.


Added 300k shares Beckton

Sold 1m Carmax

Sold 20m Conoco

Sold 854k Exxon

Sold 1.3m Gannett

Sold 2.1m Ingersoll

Added 3.6m Iron Mountain

Sold 9.7m JNJ

Sold 7.5m Moody’s

Sold 1.9m Norfolk Southern

Sold 7.7m Proctor

Added 4.7m Republic Services

Sold .7m Suntrust

Sold 2.2m United Health

Added 1.2m Walmart

Added 7m Wells Fargo

Sold 2m Wellpoint


Total amount at 9/30/09: 56.546B

Amount at 12/31/09: 57.929B



The Iron Mountain add is small in dollar amount.   But, combined with the Munich Re purchase, would suggest that insurers will prove a profitable vein to mine with additional analysis.


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Maybe confused with White Mountain.


I remember Buffett owning IRM from 5 - 6 years ago.


I would assume most sales are related to railroad acquisition in one form or another.

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