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Genius Brands International (GNUS) -Warren Buffet's Secret Millionaire's Club

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Genius Brands International (GNUS) -Warren Buffet's Secret Millionaire's Club


I would not recommend this company for an investment.  I just stumbled on to it and thought people would find it amusing.


From Yahoo Finance:


Genius Brands International, Inc., a content and brand management company, creates and licenses multimedia content for toddlers to tweens worldwide. The company offers Rainbow Rangers, an animated series about the adventures of seven magical girls; Llama Llama, an animated series; SpacePop is a music and fashion driven animated property; Thomas Edison's Secret Lab, a STEM-based comedy adventure series; and Warren Buffet's Secret Millionaire's Club, an animated series for kids.



Genius Brands International, Inc.

190 North Canon Drive

4th Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

United States

310 273 4222




Key Executives

Name                           Title                 Pay Exercised Year Born

Mr. Andrew A. Heyward Chairman & CEO 411.5k N/A 1949



From 2010 it has been losing money consistently. 

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