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Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality


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I searched quickly and couldn't find a recent post on this, but, if there is, I will move it there.  But, you guys are the smartest bunch that I know  [compliment intended!]



Is anyone actually using VR/AR goggles or glasses on a daily or weekly basis?  For meetings, or learning, or anything other than games?



I read the fiction book a while back, Ready Player One.  And it is all about the VR world as a substitute for the real world.  I am stating to think we are getting closer to this, and I am wondering if I should investigate it a bit more.  Maybe I should take a VR tour of the Amazon river, or Egypt.


If you are using it, give me the details.  For what? How are you engaging with it, hardware and software?  Does it work over your home connection?  What does it cost?



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A bit OT, but at the VR/AR mini-euphoria after Facebook bought Oculus Rift ("OMG we will all use Oculus Rift in a year") my prediction was:


2014: "In 2020 VR headsets will have <10% of games/entertainment market."


Spot on.


I wonder if I should update it to:


"In 2025 VR headsets will have <10% of games/entertainment market."  ::)

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