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Interactive Brokers / withholding taxes for investors located in the EU


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I had some questions for investors located in the EU.


1) How is Interactive Brokers for EU investors?

2) Any issues with getting dividends from US companies (or Canadian) at the dividend withholding treaty rate of 15% (versus the standard 30%)?

3) Is there ever withholding on acquisitions or special dividends (for example company gets acquired for $10/share but you only receive $8.50/share in your account)?


Thanks in advance

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Works just fine. Just make sure you fill out/update your W-8 BEN. I'm actually in a country with a 10% treaty rate and I get that rate.


Can't say anything about acquisitions/special dividends cause I haven't had that situation yet. But as smoothly as everything goes I don't think you'll have problems.

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