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Digital Walker's Manual


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Hello fellow CoBFers,


I hope you are all doing well in these turbulent times! For those of you who are still scouring the OTC market looking for the oddball deep value play, I and couple of other OTC guys have prepared something you will want to check out.


We have created a digital version of Walker’s Manual. We build an online database of over 400 meaningful OTC stocks. Therefore, it includes most of the companies OTC investors should be aware of.


Our database includes our own comments about each of the stocks, links to any relevant sources, and fundamental data points through which you can filter the database. It also features a comment section where users can share their view on individual stocks. We have a formidable number of dark stocks for which we provide financials. Say goodbye to the clunky and inefficient screener on OTCmarkets.com or time-consuming A to Z search.


Check out an intro video to our database -


You can get your instant access here - https://svendamanual.com/product/one-year-subscription-to-database/


If you buy our annual subscription to the database, you will be getting a database which will be updated and to which we will be adding new stocks, features alongside new fundamental data points.


We also frequently write research and with the annual subscription you will get 50% off of any new research we put up.


I wish you successful hunting in the OTC world,




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