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Henry Blodget Thinks I'm A Very Bad Man!


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Patrick Byrne discusses his attempts to write an article for Henry Blodget's website.  The first part is the usual Patrick Byrne being pompous and sarcastic as he tries to drive Blodget crazy, but the second half...the gist of the article he was trying to get published...lays out the entire blow by blow collapse of various nefarious institutions, analysts, journalists and hedge funds that were manipulating market prices.  Many of them that we have followed, argued with and knew their culpability from the days when Fairfax was first attacked back in January of 2003, and the ensuing events since where they have been charged, flogged or proven guilty of something.  And then seemed to fall off the face of this earth.  Cheers!



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Guest ValueCarl

Pompous Patrick attempting to drive Blodget crazy? If only truth would prevail amongst Blodget's ILK, for then lunacy would finally be committed to the Big House in straight jackets.


These people use their media pulpit to distract and confuse the masses. I have had public posts censored by Yahoo Finance, specifically, so not to expose or confront this nefarious group of operators inside their dark caves.


On the other hand, while listening to Blodget recently, I see him attempting to find conscience and wisdom over the American conundrum tied to jobs and manufacturing. Whether or not genuine, can only be answered by his DEMONS within.     


I applaud pompousness over insanity, every day, week, month and year the market is open for business! imo   

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