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Interview With Amitabh Singhi Of Amrit Funds


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We recently completed our interview with Amitabh Singhi, who is director at Amrit Capital and advisor to the Amrit India Value Fund.  I have known Amitabh for many years, and he's a terrific person and wonderful investor.


Amitabh also sits on the advisory board for Mohnish Pabrai's Dakshana Foundation, which focuses on providing funding for world-class coaching of underprivileged Indian students, in preparation for the IIT Joint Entrance Exams.  He'll also be the first Indian-based investment manager to speak at the Value Investing Congress this year.   


For those investors wondering about India's development in the 21st Century, alongside China as one of the more dominant economic powers, Amitabh's interview will provide some clear insights.  Thanks very much to Amitabh for doing the interview!  Cheers!     

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Hi Value,


Amitabh sent me the study.  Here it is.  Enjoy!  Cheers!


Hey Sanj,


Anyway You can repost this file also. The link seems to be broken. I've always been fascinated by the arbitrages opportunities WEB was able to find over the years. Thanks man.

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