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Hygiene tips for Coronavirus


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Many of us believe Coronavirus will be with us for a  time in the US. There have been great actions taken in the last few days at the state and federal level but eventually people will start going back to work and I thought we could learn a few tips from my friends and family in China so we can stay safer in the next one or two years.


China has recently relaxed their social distancing and people are gradually going back to work and school. However, as I walk around Boston, I realize people in China even today are more vigilant against the threat of the virus than Americans going into the crisis. I am no scientist but here are a few things that Chinese are doing today that I hope more of my American friends could start doing to stay and feel safer in the next few months or years...


1) Wear latex or some sort of gloves when you go outside. Not only will you be less likely to scratch your face with rubber gloves on, you will be much less likely to catch virus from shopping cart handles, door knobs, even vegetables that other people might have sneezed upon earlier... You should throw the gloves away as often as possible.


If you hate gloves, carry a handkerchief or a box of facial tissue with you to open doors. Doors in the US are super heavy, and you are probably likely to catch virus from the door knobs. People in my companies are disinfecting the virus every 2 hours, but I don't believe that's enough. Most companies in China has a box of paper tower attached to the wall next to the door knobx and elevator buttons. People use a paper tower to push the elevator button and throw the paper away right there into a basket.


2) If you are daring enough, wear some sort of lab safety goggles when you go to areas with people around. You will have to go shop at some point. You won't touch your eyes with the goggles on either. You should clean your goggles when you come home with lysol wipes.


3) At some point the restrictions will be relaxed and you will start going to restaurants. In China today, the general practice is only one person can sit at a table. Make sure there is no strangers within 3 meters of you when you eat and try to sit outside where ventilation is plenty.


4) When people wait in line today in China, they stay at least 1 meter to 3 meters away from each other. If you can't do that in the US, consider move outside the line by a few steps so that you are not directly in front of someone who could be coughing to you.


5) Buy grocery for your parents and deliver them to their door but not go in every time even if they are not in a senior center. Family cluster events were a big issue in Wuhan. To keep your parents safe, stay away from them as much as possible.


6) When you talk to people on the street, stay 2-3 meters away from them.


These are what I can think of at this point. I hope others can add their own tips and people can choose whatever they feel comfortable doing. Stay safe.




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