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International Equity Research Services


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I am looking for an equity research service that covers stocks world wide (HK, Singapore, France, Germany, US, Canada...) and is not too expensive for an individual investor.

What I look for is to gain understanding of individual businesses and their industries. I dont care about target prices nor data summaries - neither is reliable in my opinion.


Do you know of any good service? (I have been reading the morningstar thread).



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uncle stock


Although their website mentions "stock research", most of their sales pitch is about statistical data and a screener. Have you read any of their "reports"? They have a sample page (Facebook) that shows only statistics, and links to news.


"Uncle Stock provides a wealth of information. You can analyse and screen on 75.000 stocks, based on more than 350 fundamental and technical indicators, combined with many derived indicators, giving more than 3.500 indicators per stock. All this with historical depth between 10 up to 25 years."

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