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Matsushita Leadership - John P. Kotter


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Never heard of Konosuke Matsushita?  Me either until recently.  He is  known in Japan as the "God of Management" and built Matsushita Electric (Panosonic Corp). 


The story of Masushita is fascinating and Kotter is a really great writer and sees and expresses insights wonderfully.

Panosonic started with basically nothing and grew to be an extraordinarily successful business.  This is part of the story of Matsushita and how he did it and his different philosophies.  To be blunt - in a lot of ways he makes Steve Jobs seems like an amateur. 


Matsushita was very different than the average entrepreneur and you can see that in his beliefs, action and philosophies. 

There is a lot in this book.  I would give it an A+.  Read it to understand.  I am still trying to understand much of it as there is much depth to it.

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