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The Man Who Solved the Market: Jim Simmons - Greg Zuckerman


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Pretty decent read

If it's hard to beat the index, may be harder to beat these "algorithms".. wonder what this means for the individual stock picker


It means you have to play a different game. If you try to do short-term stuff, it probably won't work. But almost nobody on wall street, quant or old school, is doing long-term investing. Some talk about it, but few do it.

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Just finished this one recently.  For a story about (admittedly) math geeks it was interesting, an easy read and went quickly.  Most interestingly, despite spending a great deal of time on how they trade and what they do, I really didn't come away with any better understanding of exactly what the secret sauce is for Renaissance. And I guess that's why they continue to be so successful. 


Honestly, there are dozens if not hundreds of firms trying to replicate their technical trading success.  And with the ubiquity of data and the prevalence of mass computing I'm shocked nobody has cracked the code and the firm just continues to crank out ridiculous results. 


I think I came away with more desire to understand them than I had before reading it.

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