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Earnings Call Phone Quality Sucks, why?


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One of the things that I do for fun is to listen to earnings calls of companies and competitor companies in which I am interested.  [Nerd alert, I know.]



Why does the sound quality of the reporting company usually similar to a phone call from 1935?  Either you can hear the CEO, but no one else, or it sounds like 4 managers who each make $7MM per year are passing around a phone to share.  "Here Sally, they asked about marketing...."  The analysts that call in are loud and clear, but the responding subject company is in a phone booth in the arctic circle during a Blizzard.


One that comes to mind specifically is the Tesla earnings call quality.  They are horrible.  Hard to hear and just embarrassing for Tesla.  They can solve complicated engineering, science and physics and yet they can't buy or rig up a decent conference phone?  Same with the Rail Road, UNP.



Is this just me, or have I uncovered corporate America's secret plot to make earnings calls difficult for me to listen to?


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When have conference calls ever been clear?


It isn't like everyone is calling in on their own (the analysts), they're all in a room with terrible acoustics sitting around with a microphone in the middle of the table talking.


Obviously solution is for them to invest in very high end audio equipment with a mic for each person and some audio person to mix things.


I guess I'm struggling as to why this is a revelation.  This is 100% of conference calls daily in corporate America.  Quality has VASTLY improved in the last 15 years.

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