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Traveling to Canada with a soon to expire US passport


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I'm traveling to Canada on Sunday and my passport expires in 10 days.  I will be back in the US with 7 days left.  Will this be a potential issue for me?  I know that you can't travel to countries like China, with a visa requirement, if you have less than 3 or 6 months left on your passport.  Thanks in advance.

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I don't think Canada will have any issue letting you in.  Only issue could be getting back into the US.


Only issues I've ever had at the border are US agents being pricks about things.  It's a 90/10 thing, 90% of the time I'm waved through, but 10% of the time it's sort of a pain.


I haven't flown to Canada, but at land border crossings I've received the most scrutiny if I've crossed dressed up.  If I cross in casual clothes it's seamless. 


One time crossing back into the US with the family had an agent trying to interrogate our kids asking questions including the 18mo old at the time.  Kept trying to ask the 18mo their name, he couldn't talk, so yeah.. We'd tell him "he's 18mo old and can't talk" and the agent would say "I'm talking to the child, not you."  Idiocy on display.


Crossing into Canada if you're casual, don't have guns, alcohol, or tobacco you sail through.  Coming into the US it depends.


Another time we had some issues when I was traveling with a friend.  I belong in the "only answer the exact question asked in as few words as possible" school of thought.  He would ramble, and rambling led to more questions to more rambling to more questions. 


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