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I guess this marks the end of a deep bargain stock.


This stock had an awesome risk/return ratio as the cash on hand and the royalty from the wabush mine was giving a support floor for IV, while the engineering business was an excellent kicker for the stock providing exposure to infrastructure construction in emerging countries.






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Oh man.. not again!  sigh..  Since the days I owned MFCAF (if that was in fact the original ticker  I think i was mass financial back then), they bought then spun off KHD, then spun off blue earth refineries, then some australian reit, then merged back blue earth, then listed on the Vienna exchange, and now are splitting khd..  Is all this splitting and restructuring really the best idea they can think of to 'enhance share holder value'?  Makes figuring out the tax implications one sordid affair... sigh.

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I agree it is a bit complicated, and confusing (ex: Mass Financial changing his name for KHD and spin off a company called Mass Financial right after.)


But if you bought 4-5 years ago when the name was Mass financial you probably bought at around 10$(split ajusted). The stock is now 15$ and you received about 0.6 share of  MFCAF worth about 10$ today for every share you bought. So it is about a double. Compare to S&P500...


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