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Mini Tender Offers


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Thanks, I thought I was missing something but not...




I bought EW in 2013 about the same time I started reading on CoBF.


I read up on the business for a month or so before buying.

At the time EW was going through a patent litigation with Medtronic over TAVR.

They also had lawyers trying to get traction on a class action suit over supposed overstatements by management.


The claim was that the company said "so & so" which led shareholders to believe TAVR was going mainstream & even

I could tell this was BS as they had clearly stated that the product / procedure was only for patients who couldn't tolerate

having their chests cracked open for valve replacement.


They never got a lead plaintiff for the class action & I got lucky when they also won the infringement suit with MDT.


I got super lucky on LEAP calls which went crazy post judgement & I also sold off a small portion

of the equity so that I'm way in the black & playing with house money on the position.


I thought I'd try to recreate this setup with equity & LEAPs via MO but so far no good.

I guess since they're killing people instead of saving them?


I still believe that TAVR will eventually reach a wider audience & will continue to hold on.

I have no basis for this belief other than past performance  ???



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