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As some of you may know in the past 15 months I ran a newsletter exclusively focused on the OTC space.


Recently, I decided to compile all of the past research tied to the newsletter and offer it to investors.


I am offering two versions of my ‘Svenda’s Manual of OTC Stocks’.


Abridged Version


This will give you access to 56 long ideas spanning 348 pages. On top of the 56 ideas, you will also get access to a report where I build a portfolio of 20 interesting community banks.

This version is priced at $199. You can find a sample of the document attached to this message.


Full Version


This will get you everything in the abridged version and you will also acquire a serious coverage of 351 meaningful stocks in the OTC land over 402 pages. Out of those 351 stocks, 25 are dark where I share information that can be hard to get.

This version is priced at $399. You can find a sample of the document attached to this message.


The best way to purchase the manual is now through David J. Flood's blog Elementary Value. He also shares his experience with the full version of the manual - https://www.elementaryvalue.com/investing-blog/svendas-manual-of-otc-stocks-my-readers-can-get-it-at-a-discount


Now, you might be wondering; ‘Are there any investment opportunities?’


Most certainly.


32 stocks out of the 56 long ideas still have not moved by more than 20% (up or down). The community bank portfolio is up only 4.85% so far. The latest report is from early October. Thus, the research is relevant and up to date.

The performance and volume analysis of the long ideas - https://seekingalpha.com/article/4219541-otc-performance, also shows that the ideas are actionable for various portfolio sizes.


The second question that might pop in your head could be; ‘Okay, what is the use of the other research?’


It is a powerful reference point that you can use when doing your own research. Many OTC stocks have sparse public ‘coverage’. There might be some analysis from someone that is five years old. There might not be anything out there as is often the case.

Given the sheer amount of meaningful OTC stocks I researched, you are going to acquire a unique source of relevant information.


As I like to say, simply knowing about an OTC company will make sure you are halfway in discovering an investment opportunity. 


These documents will allow you to achieve that and greatly reduce the risk of you missing out on the next OTC opportunity.


I will greatly appreciate any feedback.







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