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Large iPad for 10-Ks


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I'm thinking about upgrading from Air 2 to the new iPad Pro 12.9. I'm more willing to read a 10-K for fun when I don't have to wait 5 minutes to print it. I've gone through more than 10 boxes of papers in the last two years. I feel like it's a huge waste. Could anyone using the 12.9 iPad comment on whether it's easy to read 10-k on it and to make annotations on the PDF itself?

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For those who read on computer/ipad, is it harder to focus and easier to get distracted? I've printed out a few reports/letters and I find it's easier to focus and understand what I'm reading more than on a computer.


Why do you currently print everything out? Do you find it easier to mark things up and eliminate distractions?

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