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Any decent debt or preferred ideas?


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From feast of ideas in March, now famine. Wow. I should have held every preferred or

exchange-trade bond I bought in 1q.


About 2 months ago Benhacker mentioned WNA-P as a potential buy.  At the time, it traded at about $19.5, with a resulting dividend yield slightly higher than 9%.  Add to that the likelihood of a reversion to par prior to the 2022 redemption date.....and then add on a little for the devaluation of the CDN$, I could see 11-12% returns over 5-10 years.  So I did take a small bite in October, and it's worked out quite well.  Thanks Ben!


It's now selling at about $21.5, so that's still a dividend yield over 8%, with a little room for capital gains.....




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I am still holding RBS.pr.p since April/May last year  - Royal Bank of Scotland - $25.00 preferreds.  A small holding due to obvious risks.  On the other hand I cant see RBS or anyone else stopping payment permanently on their preferreds.  That would be a death knell when they are trying to raise money via equity and other preferred placements. 

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