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Shell, Partners Approve US$31 Billion Project to Speed Gas to Asia


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Is this a paradigm change for (northern) BC?  Would the average Joe in BC benefit from this?


Shell, Partners Approve $31 Billion Project to Speed Gas to Asia



TransCanada to begin gas pipeline construction in 2019 if LNG Canada project goes ahead



B.C.'s natural gas reserves double previous estimates


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Now official:




The economics are very positive with a much shorter route to Asia vs U.S. and massive natural gas reserves in the Montney that can be extracted for a very low cost.


I now hope this goes ahead but, idiots such as Weaver and environmentalists dumbnuts will do all they can to still derail it. Read this below from a so-called expert on climate change... How could you be so myopic, and stupid, on what is a global phenomenon if true at all? On the other hand Jiang gets it!



"It breaks my heart that the young people of today must watch as politicians who once professed to champion climate action and a hopeful vision for the future instead succumb to the temptation of short-sighted political wins," BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver said in a statement.


Kirsten Zickfeld, an expert on climate change who is an associate professor at Simon Fraser University, said LNG Canada would be a huge emitter of GHGs.


"The concern is that if the project goes ahead, it will wipe out any emission reductions that are done in other sectors across B.C.," she said in a recent interview.


"Big emitting projects are not compatible with stabilizing the climate. It would be a climate catastrophe. We need to get off fossil fuels as much and as quickly as we can."


But Wenran Jiang, a senior fellow at the University of British Columbia's Institute of Asian Research, said emissions should be viewed through a global lens and discussions about climate change need to go beyond country-specific targets.


Mr. Jiang said LNG Canada would help China wean itself off coal-fired power plants that are major emitters of carbon dioxide.


"If China burns natural gas from Canada to replace coal use, we would have a global level of reductions in CO2," he said. "A global effort should count and not just national borders. In my opinion, the more that we export LNG to China to erase coal use, the better the global CO2 reduction."



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