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Source for historical Share Outstanding for individual stocks - canadian markets


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Hello Team.


I hope all are well :)

Just been thinking that I don't really know of a good source for the Canadian marks, e.g. Toronto markets.

I've done some search



https://tradingeconomics.com/cco:cn:common-shares-outstanding - works well. maybe it is using US stock exchange as a source in the background?

https://tradingeconomics.com/aim:cn:common-shares-outstanding - works well

https://tradingeconomics.com/pg:cn:common-shares-outstanding - doesn't work


And found few more but none of them seem to be working well with all the Toronto shares including the above. I'd really like to overlay this chart with the price per share chart.


I'd choose the past 5 or 10 years, choose the number of outstanding shares, the price per share and just get that on the chart?

Is any of this possible? If yes, can you please advise how? If not, do you happen to know of Toronto / Canadian markets service that provide this?





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