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My friend Andrew Wilkinson, founder of Metalabs, has one of the most unique stories I've ever heard.  He started Metalabs when he was about 18 and grew it into the business that it is today...and he's barely into his early 30's. 


With the excess cashflows from Metalabs, he founded his investment company, Tiny.  Through Tiny, he and partner Chris Sparling, have made numerous acquisitions and investments in startups, cash flowing businesses, etc.  If we can get enough interest going on here, maybe I can get Andrew to speak at next year's Fairfax dinner!  He likes to keep a low profile, but I suspect in another 10 years, a lot of people will know his name! 


If you've got a business you want to sell, contact Tiny, Premier Diversified Holdings, or our friends at Enterprise Diversified...we are all looking!  Cheers!



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