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ITEX 2009 AGM Notes

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Hi Folks,


It was Alnesh and myself who asked the questions and represented The Polonitza Group.  As part of the largest outside shareholder group in ITEX, I will have to remove any posts made on the board commenting on the company, as we continue to try and work with management to create shareholder value.


The article from Compounding Life is fairly complete, but there is quite a bit of information that is missing as well.  Since it is an outside link, I'll leave it and you can make what you will of how the meeting went.  


All I can say is that if you are a shareholder, I recommend that you attend the AGM's of the companies you own.  Naturally every shareholder is a part owner of a public corporation, and you have every right to make your opinion heard...be it by letter, email, attending the AGM or through proxy votes.  Cheers!      

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