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  1. 1. Have you applied to ValueInvestorClub.com?

    • Yes - Rejected.
    • Yes - Accepted, still a member.
    • Yes - Accepted, membership forfeited.
    • No, but plan on it somtime in the future.
    • No, never will.

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I applied to ValueInvestorsClub.com last-year with my idea for Bellamy's Australia (ASX: BAL). I wasn't accepted on this idea - I wasn't exactly surprised or disappointed. The only purpose a membership to this site would be to mention it on a resume (and have it not be a lie) or as high-watermark of quality to someone who would care.

Have you personally tired to more than once to gain accepted to ValueInvestorsClub.com?

Given the quality of other sites (like CoBF :) ), is VIC still relevant? - Especially to Canadians.


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