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Looking to learn more about JNJ


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Hi, I decided to take on a new project to increase my learning on Johnson & Johnson. While I understand the general picture of the company, I have less of an understanding of the economics of their acquisitions and would like to get a better understanding of whether they are good deals and how to evaluate the purchase. My goal is to eventually connect with executives in this industry and I want to be able to show more knowledge of their business than anyone they have ever met that wasn't working at the company. I would like to start with a recent acquisition they did with Actelion and would love if anyone could point me to some resources on how to evaluate the deal better and if any of you have some thoughts or some questions that I should be asked to answer for myself to better assess the situation. Once I get a handle on this, then I can use these principles to look at other acquisitions that J&J has made. What are your thoughts?

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^^^^that was my younger brother who wrote this above. He was asking me about this today & I just told him he should ask a question on here. I let him use my account to ask the question. If you guys had any feedback for him, it would be MUCHO appreciated. It means more coming from one of you guys then it would from me.

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