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2018 Premier Fairfax Financial Shareholder's Dinner


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Hi All,


It's that time of year again.  This year's dinner is on April 25, 2018, the night before the Fairfax AGM.


Tickets and details can be found below:




If you have any issues or queries, please contact Nicole at nchin@pdh-inc.com.  We'll be updating the event page regularly as we finalize speakers, menu, etc.


Also, if anyone is interested in sponsorships, donations for the silent auction, etc., please contact Nicole as well.


Thanks very much and look forward to seeing you there!



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Hi All,


We are getting closer to the event date.  Please get your tickets at the link above.  If you need anything, please contact my assistant Nicole Chin.


We have some great presentations again this year...including one from our own Keith Smith and his Bonhoeffer Fund!  And of course, our guests from Fairfax Financial who will be running their usual Q&A!


Important note:  The event is at the Sheraton Toronto Centre this year, as there was some construction at the Royal York...and all of the events were moved there. We will be back at the Royal York next year if things continue.


Speaking of next year and continuing...that will be dependent on ticket sales and we will decide how things progress going forward.  We may downsize or possibly eliminate the event altogether.  It's been a great run, and hopefully we can continue it, but it will come down to participation. 


Thanks for your support over the years and we look forward to seeing you all at least once more this year!



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