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Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley - Emily Chang


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"There is this undercurrent of a feeling like you’re prostituting yourself in order to get ahead because, let’s be real, if you’re dating someone powerful, it can open doors for you. And that’s what women who make the calculation to play the game want, but they don’t know all the risks associated with it,” she said. “If you do participate in these sex parties, don’t ever think about starting a company or having someone invest in you. Those doors get shut. But if you don’t participate, you’re shut out. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”


This is incorrect:. Damned if you do? Some of these women do parlay what they're doing into funding and careers they would never have had. I know some of them firsthand. Damned if you don't? There are handfuls of people who think they "deserve" funding or a promotion or whatever. Men and women. Hell, if I was born with a silver spoon and a fat trust fund, I wouldn't be working a 9-5. Color me unsympathetic.



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