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Opinion on Wachenheim


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I just read a critical review of Ed Wachenheim's book "Common stocks and common sense" on young money blog: http://y0ungmoney.blogspot.com/2017/12/book-review-common-stocks-and-common.html


The gist of it is that the author does not understand investing (in blogger's own words).  I have never heard of this author, but apparently he has beaten the stock indicies for 30yrs running.  Does anyone have his exact performance figures?  And opinion on the man?


I would like to read the book but have to wait for the library cos I am too cheap to buy a copy.....



I just find it interesting that a person who is technically weak can beat the market so convincingly (if all of the above is true).

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Interesting character.

The book is short and easy to read.

I would say useful if the case studies described are relevant for your universe.


He's with Greenhaven Associates. They report 19% average return since 1991. They seemed to hurt in 2008-9 but it's just a blip in the chart now.

You may find the following relevant if you want more "color":


"Above the fray"


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