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Sohn Conference Sydney 17 November 2017 pitches

Scunny Bunny

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The following non Australian stock pitches were made at the 2nd Sohn Conference Sydney today:


Peter Cooper (Cooper Investors): TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL). Peter "won" last years pitches with Brinks +105% from 10 Nov 16 to 20 Oct 17;


David Prescott (Lanyon): NZME (NZM on ASX) - a Kiwi media company covering newspapers, digital and radio on very low multiples


Steven Glass (Pengana): NASD: IAC - Interactive Corp the owners of Tinder, Home Advisor etc


Michael Messara (Caledonia): NYSE: GRUB Grub Hub - the dominant online food delivery company.




Rob Luciano (VGI) CPH: PNDORA - Pandora the Danish charm bracelet maker and marketer. Rob picked Hanesbrands (NYSE: HBI) as a short last year which has worked out pretty well to date.


Phil King (Regel Funds) ASX: JBH - JB Hi Fi the Australian electrical goods retailer


Not a pitch but a very unsubtle short suggestion on TSLA by Shane Finemore of Manakay Partners (smart bloke).


FWIW the rather boring Australian stocks pitched were Macquarie Group, Virgin Australia Holdings, Speedcast, Reliance Worldwide, Next DC and the not so boring microcap Oventus.


I have decent notes on some of these pitches so if anyone has a very special interest in one or other, will post it in a few days - all care, no responsibility as not my ideas. I did think the Pandora short story was pretty compelling.


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Thanks for this - I'd be interested in more detail on the pitches, in particular Lanyon's.  I've been very impressed with what I've read about them.


It's good to find a Sydney person here - what a great city.


I'm more a funds person than a stocks person, and there are clearly some great managers that don't seem well-known outside the country - I only recently came across EGP for example, and Forager seem very impressive (shame about the LIC premium).  I've no doubt you know many more.


Thanks again.

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