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Ingenious: How Canadian Innovators Made the World Smarter, Smaller, Kinder, Safe


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By David Johnston and Tom Jenkins.


I have deep respect for Mr. Johnston who was principal at my alma mater, has been and will be associated with Fairfax and recently was Governor General.


An entertaining, inspiring and unpretentious list of innovations coming from deep theory, intuitions, minor events or simply luck.


It seems that the common denominator for innovation may be, in essence, an inclination to improve.

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Can you please post a link to the work? It would be interesting to read.


Btw, we also gave the world other people, like Myron Scholes - good boy from Timmins - also of Black-Scholes fame, also of Salomon Brothers and LTCM fame. Discuss? :)  8)

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Got the book from the local library.

Here's a link:



They do mention Myron Scholes but the book has a focus on the positives.

Many items mentioned are relatively trivial. But maybe, small things matter.

The Coffee Crisp bar was invented in Toronto, in 1939.


Insulin is also mentioned.

For those who are critical of modern science, that piece of history may be an interesting benchmark.

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