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What are some of your favorite questions to ask management when you have the chance to meet with them? 


A few of my favorites include:

1) What are the chances that your business will lose money next year?  What factors would drive the losses?

2) If you had to put your entire net worth in one competitor, which would it be?

3) If you got to start your tenure as CEO over, would you do anything differently?

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What are pain points that can’t be fixed due to cultural issues?

What will be your legacy?

If you could take your best ideas and apply them to a competitor what would you do?

Would you advise your kids to get into this industry?


Can you walk me through the process from raw material to finished product?


The last one is an interview question I love. It shows if candidates actually understand the business they work in. Most dive into some insane details with no relevance. “We do a PSDOF for the LDP department so they can XA the TF. If that’s approved it moves forward” an answe like this is screaming “I have no idea”

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