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"Modern Monopolies" by Alex Moazed & Nicholas L. Johnson


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Interesting. Thanks for posting. Interesting Jobs was saying that about RIM in 2010 and it really wasn't until this year that they tackled the problem by moving fully to Android, and that was only done when they licensed production to other companies. I bought RIM a few years ago with a pretty simple thesis that they made great hardware and they'd have to get on Android soon to fix their software issues... a few BB10 phones later I gave up.


The author did a podcast that was worth listening to: http://investorfieldguide.com/alex/

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Is there anything interesting in this book beyond the "platforms"/"ecosystems" vs. products spiel (that I personally find quite old news)?


I tried to look inside book on Amazon, but they only give the intro/chapter with worn out Nokia/RIM example...  ::)

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