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Microcap Activism


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Hi All - I have posted before on the boards the value I have seen regarding implementing Transformational Coaching as an activist strategy. The methodology that I really like is the "Tribal Leadership" methodology.


The work impacts the way people relate in an organization and the results are pretty amazing. In cultures that are Stage 2 or Stage 3, "average" results are 3-5x in performance metrics (profits, revenues, etc) within 24 months. Results start showing up within 6 months.


If anyone is a shareholder in a microcap where the operating business has not been performing and you'd like some help, I am happy to talk to you as I do have backing from a fund to do this.


For more info on Tribal Leadership and my colleague John King, you can watch a keynote here (starts at 17:25): https://www.mindsuitemetrics.com/culture-map-presentation


This is what I will need:


1) Bad business performance /stock price down a lot!

2) Insider ownership low (unless management is looking for help. If they aren't i'm not interesting in convince them otherwise.)

3) It helps if there's one or two large outside shareholders. These will be the people John and I get on the phone with and talk about the work we do and the impact it can make at the organization.

4) If these outside shareholders "get it" and we know we will have their votes -- we will get to work.


Please contact me privately if interested.

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