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Roadtrip! - Seeking audio investing talks for the drive


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Roadtrip! - I'm going to join the masses for the solar eclipse.  I need about 10 hours of investing lectures, googletalks, youtube, etc.  (I have the tools to convert the audio in videos to mp3's).


Past favorites are Columbia Business School lectures, WEB/Munger talks, Klarham, Akre, Goldblatt, etc.  Any new podcasters out there? Once I listened to about 8 Nate Tobik podcasts in a row and after the trip I profitably bought several small community banks as a result:)


My favorites are old Buffett videos and recordings from the 80's and 90's before he became mega-famous. You can find them on Youtube and just use a youtube to MP3 converter.


Thanks in advance!


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When I downloaded Sam Zell's audiobook I ended up wandering around the neighborhood aimlessly for a day while I listened. It's read by him in his raspy voice. Definitely worth it if you haven't read it. Also enjoyed Ted Turner's autobiography on audiobook (also read by him).

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Capital Allocators by Ted Seides is good. The Meb Faber Show also has some valuable info, some especially interesting stuff on asset allocation, good guests.

I found the Ted Seides podcasts mostly a miss. However, there were four podcasts that I remember were excellent.






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Thank you everyone.


The guest list on investors field guide looks awesome - Thanks!


I second the take on the unevenness of Ted Seides' podcast, but thought his Tom Russo interview was excellent.

I like COBF's Eric Schlein's and planetmicrocap  because they have younger hosts that are still eager.

The Sam Zell audio book sounds like a great listen.


I also heartily recommend about half of all Barry Ritholz's podcasts. His guest vary widely, so you may not like who he interviews, but he always does his homework and is well prepared for his interviews.



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