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Hi Munger Disciple,


I used to be a subscriber. I stopped 2-3 years ago. I found that most of the interviews at that time were from 3rd party sources. Through Feedly and other feeds I felt like I had read most of the material already before it was printed in value investo insight. Perhaps that has changed since. I am not sure.


For what it is worth, I used to subscribe to a bunch of services oneof the best for ideas or just discussion was Grants Interest Rate observer. It is more expensive jab value invoestor insight though. Not sure if this helps at all. Best of luck with things.

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I am thinking of subscribing to Value Investor Insight. I am wondering if it is worth the price. I would appreciate any feedback from board members.


I've invested in one idea out of VII. It was a very quick double (and would have been better had I held longer).


Someone mentioned the Columbia Graham and Doddsville. It is also very good but the formatting and interviewing in VII is much better. Though G&D seems to get better access to more famous investors.


Whether it is worth a subscription depends on your AUM. It's somewhat like Munger's subscription to Barron's. You read a lot waiting for that one idea that justifies the subscription.

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Guest notorious546

i am a current subscriber, and well if anyone wants to share another subscription they have access to i would be interested in swapping details

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