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FFH Dividend


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 Haven't come across anyones thoughts if they will keep reporting in U.S. dollars with

 the de-listing.I'm not sure that I see the benefit, other than not having to do

 conversions. And if they keep reporting in U.S. dollars will they keep the dividend in

 same. I'm overall happy with the change, always had a niggling feeling that the

 arbitrage was hurting price, nothing to really prove it though. Don't quite understand

 if there will be that opportunity with the two currency shares on the TSX or if both

 shares will be automatically priced for exchange rate.   





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ORH, C&F and US runoff will all still be operating mainly in $US.  Given their dominance in the company, that would be an argument in favour of continuing to report results in $US.  It also might suggest that for FX management purposes, FFH might still wish to pay the divvy in $US (ie, if you earn $1B and want to pay $200m in divvies, then probably best to try to match currencies as much as possible so that you are not put in position of having a gyrating annual divvy).



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