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The Davis Dynasty - John Rothchild


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As I didn't find anything about it via the search function and also it is not the most commonly know book, here is my book recommendation: https://www.amazon.com/Davis-Dynasty-Successful-Investing-Street/


It spans a lot of stock market history and contains some great anecdotes. For example a conversation between Chris Davis and his grandfather Shelby Davis:


"I asked my grandfather for a dollar to buy a hotdog. He said 'Do you realize if you invest that dollar wisely it will double every five years? By the time you reach my age, in 50 years, your dollar wil be worth 1024$. Are you so hungry you need to eat a 1000$ hotdog?' I guessed not. In one swoop he taught me three lessons: the value of a dollar, the value of compound interest and the importance of always carrying my own money."

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