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Munger reading


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This is my month for reading Munger, so I'm rereading 

  • Kaufman' Poor Charlie's
  • Bevelin's books, Seeking Wisdom and All I want to Know
  • Damn Right
  • the 300 page compilation that is floating around
  • the old Blue Chip stamp annual reports. I think I got it from Mr.B Racemize (t/h)
  • Tren Griffin's blog posts on Munger: 25iq

Any more suggestions?

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This speech is great as well:


I read Tren Griffin's Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor. I enjoyed it as an intro but some of the Amazon reviews criticize it for not having anything new.


Any ability to share #4 or #5? Maybe I'll make it a Munger month as well!

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