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Interview with CoBF's very own -- Travis Wiedower


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In this episode I interview Travis Wiedower {pronounced we-adore} who is the managing director of Wiedower Capital and the founder of the blog, "Egregiously Cheap".


We discuss a microcap stock that Travis believes you could hold for 10 years as well as two other companies that are the best in the industry with what he believes is a decade plus of fantastic growth ahead.


Very interesting interview and hopefully "you-adore" him after listening!



Direct Link: https://intelligentinvesting.podbean.com/e/9-a-microcap-stock-you-can-hold-for-10-years-interview-with-travis-wiedower/


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-intelligent-investing-podcast/id1205082419?mt=2



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