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The 3G Way: An introduction to the management style of the trio who’s taken over


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Would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in 3G. It's a very good overview of their style, with some but not a lot of history of the group. It draws heavily from their published letters as well as the letters of some of the companies they admired and followed closely (GE, Goldman, Toyota). One of the criticisms of the book (on Amazon) is that it doesn't provide a lot of depth on some of their methods. This is true, but the book is meant to be an introduction and the bibliography provides a good reading list if you wanted to learn more about any particular topic.


It's also only $6 on kindle and is a pretty quick read: https://www.amazon.com/Way-introduction-management-important-capitalism-ebook/dp/B00MKKWZME/ (not sure if there's an affiliate link to support CoBF?)


I read part of Dream Big (the other book on 3G) and didn't find it nearly as informative. I'll finish it in time, but it is much more of a history of the group. The two together would be good for people who aren't very familiar with 3G.

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